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Alphabet Of Things



Did you know one single object can create

the whole alphabet? How it works? Hold

my beer! The swing top of a beer bottle

was flexible enough to create these beau-

tiful letters that appear both straight and rigid, as well as soft and round.

Benjamin Hennig Kommunikationsdesign Portfolio Ding Alphabet Design

Quail Egg Alphabet


Quail eggs are healthy and known for 

alle-viating allergies. And if you take

a closer look, you will not only see ran-

dom dark spots on their shells, but also

letters. Fascinated by the creative urge

of these little birds, I documented this

phenomenon photographically and

created an entire quail egg alphabet.

Benjamin Hennig Kommunikationsdesign Portfolio Wachtelei Alphabet Typografie

Atem Regular


I am currently working on the typeface

called “Atem Regular”. On the one hand,

it looks technically straight, on the other hand, parts of it look round and organic.

It is a hybrid, neither masculine or fem-

inine. It seems to come from another

planet. It gets its dynamism from the recurring serifs and their slight stretch-

ing towards the sky. Maybe it is a hy-

brid of  man and machine. Although

still not completed, it is presented

here as a snapshot in action.

Benjamin Hennig Kommunikationsdesign Typeface Font Atem Regular
Benjamin Hennig Kommunikationsdesign Typeface Font Atem Regular

Tinder Alphabet

Typography / Motion Design


Tinder is probably the most famous dating platform on the market. The app makes it possible to find or exclude a potential date with just one swipe. For this typography

art project I wanted to put the main actor

of “Tinder” in the foreground: your thumb. The apathetic back-and-forth swiping and the selection of people on the basis of superficialities are used humorously here but also treated critically. The animated typographic work highlighted with sound conveys this topic impressively.

Texts, Markers, Paragraphs

Typography / Poster Design


For the exhibition "13 weeks, 13 Texts,

1 collector's item" I designed this poster Series. It takes up the topic of "writing" typographically using paragraph marks

in highlighter colors. The highlighter manufacturer Stabilo liked this creative idea so they sponsored highlighters as giveaways for the exhibition.

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