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Naduria Duria Global Benjamin Hennig Kommunikationsdesign

Tasty doesn't

need plastic!

Art Direction / Social Media


As part of the advertising campaign for NADURIA's plastic-free packaged food,

a suitable social media campaign was designed in addition to the new web design. First of all, it was important to

realize a new corporate design for the

brand which fully conveys the topic and appeals to a young target group. As a recurring design element, I chose the colored cardboard structure, which had already been used for the food packa-

ging design. I also developed the visual

language for the recipe photos and

packshots of NADURIA.



Business Cards

Corporate Design

Working at NADURIA means being human. And the company takes it seriously. There are flat hierarchies, decisions are agreed upon by the team and the well-being of

the employees is a top priority. This is exactly the feeling that the business car-

ds should convey: Personality. That’s why

the name of each employee is written in large letters on the business cards and is not comple-mented by a classic job title, but by a jointly selected personality trait.

Naduria Duria Global Benjamin Hennig Kommunikatiosdesign

NADURIA Responsive Logo

Brand Design

The NADURIA logo gets its unique recognition value from the rotated letter “u”. It stands for the philosophy of the company: freedom, flexibility, dynamism and minimalism. The flexible uses of the logo underlines this characteristic. The favicon looks like a broken chain link, which also communicates the values

of the company.

Naduria Duria Global Benjamin Hennig Kommunikatiosdesign
Gauloises Benjamin Hennig Kommunikationsdesign

One and one become one

Corporate Design

Business cards are the perfect medium

to stay in touch and connect people with each other. The design of these business cards represents the connection between people who come together to create some-thing new. Two cards can merge into one and together they complete the logo.

Vive Le Moment

Art Direction

As part of the creation of activations,

these event invitations were created

for Gauloises. The corporate design

was interpreted in a more graphic

and flat kind of style.

BBDO Proximity

People Values

Art Direction

Every company once asks itself the quest-

ion: “What exactly are our values?” BBDO Germany and Proximity did the same and developed 10 so-called “People Values”

that describe the company’s corporate culture. In order to make these guide-

lines visible, I presented them visually.

13 Wochen,

13 Texte,

1 Sammelstück


Dieses Sammelwerk umfasst diverse

Texte für verschiedene fiktive Kunden

Begonnen mit der einfachen Headline, 

über Short- und Longcopy bis hin zum 

Radiospot und Interview wurde hier 

immer wieder neu gesponnen und

konzipiert, um mithilfe von Storytelling

den Produktnutzen herauszustellen. 

Hierzu wurde jeder der 13 Texte auf 

Hör-spielkassetten aufgenommen. 

Auf der letzten Kassette befindet sich 

ein Interview, welches interaktiv gestalt-

et ist. Der Hörer wird in einer Anleitung 

dazu aufgefordert, diverse Fragen zu beantworten, welche auf verschiedenen Karten präpariert sind. Die Antworten sollen auf die Kassette aufgenommen werden. So werden die verschiedenen Interviews direkt und ungefiltert festgehalten.

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